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Social media campaigns in Japan – Why LINE ads and not Facebook ads might be the correct digital strategy

1. Why LINE is the most popular social media app in Japan and how to use it for online ad campaigns
2. How to use LINE Ads for businesses targeting mobile users in Japan
3. Social media campaigns in Japan – Why LINE ads and not Facebook ads might be the correct digital strategy
4. Case study: How L’Occitane grew online sales during the pandemic with LINE Ads
5. Case study: DeNA Games offers practical tips for operating LINE ads
6. The Ultimate Guide to using LINE Japan for advertising your business
7. The differences between advertising on LINE Japan and other social media platforms
8. Case Study: How LINE Japan advertising increased Vitabrid Japan’s customer base
9. LINE Japan Ads: analysing CTRs, impressions, reach & other metrics
10. How to grow your Japanese audience through LINE Japan
11. How DMFA can help set up, launch and run your new LINE Japan Ads Account
12. Using LINE Japan to assist with Ecommerce Sales
13. ORBIS’ strategy that led to 33 million friends on LINE Japan
14. LINE Japan: using the platform for your digital ad campaigns
15. How to run ads on LINE: LINE ADs Starter Guide
16. LINE Ads for targeting mobile users in Japan
17. LINE Ads: How to prepare the perfect creative – basics of creative design | still images & video formats
18. LINE Ads: Tips on crafting a perfect creative
19. LINE Ads review process: the basics
20. How “Hada Nature” reached new audiences and doubled their CTR- LINE Case Study
21. Industries and services not eligible to advertise on LINE Ads platform
22. 6 tips on opening a LINE Ads account
23. How ‘small image’ LINE Ads cut costs and increase impressions
24. What is LINE? The Ultimate Guide to using LINE for your business

Did you know that LINE, not Facebook, is Japan’s most popular social media channel? Although Facebook is the world’s largest social media platform with over 2.45 billion monthly active users globally, this does not apply to Japan. The most popular social media platforms differ by country, and in Japan, Facebook is not even in the top 3! 

Inforgraphic social media in Japan | Digital Marketing For Asia

As a result, digital marketers have the need to localise their social strategy for each country or region. From there, choosing the right channels based on the market’s leading platforms and the company’s target audience is essential for successful promotions. Let’s take a look at how LINE might be a better social platform for your audience in Japan rather than Facebook.

Why run LINE Ads instead of Facebook Ads in Japan?

More use LINE in Japan compared with Facebook

As you can see in the infographic above, LINE has 84 million monthly active users in Japan, whereas Facebook only has 26 million. In fact, you can reach 66% of the entire Japanese population and 90% of all smartphone users in Japan with LINE Ads. What’s more, 85% of those users use LINE on a daily basis1.

Social media used on smartphones in Japan
LINE user demographics app usage

LINE is best for B2C – Facebook for B2B

In Japan, people use the various social media platforms differently. One cannot use Facebook anonymously which is a barrier for many shy or private Japanese users. As a result, it has become a business networking space for professionals, similar to LinkedIn. Therefore, if you have a B2B product or service, we highly recommend using Facebook.

But if you want to reach Japanese consumers, LINE is your platform as LINE is the WeChat or WhatsApp of Japan. Unlike the latter, the Japanese use LINE more like a social media app, such as Facebook. Users actively share updates in their Timelines and go to LINE for the latest news and updates from their favourite brands. Here’s more about the features of LINE messaging app

Why do we think LINE is great for B2C brands? 

LINE demographics show an event distribution in terms of gender and age. The majority of users are employed (not managers or business owners) and housewives/househusbands – the purchase decision makers of households. 

LINE user demographics

Still not convinced in running LINE Ads? Maybe you have questions regarding Japan’s no.1 social media platform? Our team of Japanese digital marketers offer bilingual support and management of LINE Official Account and LINE Ads. Contact us to find out about our competitive management fees and your free initial consultation.

1Source: LINE Business Guide (July 2020)

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