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Corporate Responsibility

At SB Telecom Europe, our commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility is rooted in our mission:
bringing the West and Asia together through the power of digital technology.

“To Connect and Inspire” is not just a slogan; it reflects our dedication to building a sustainable and equitable future for all.

Our CSR initiative is a testament to our unwavering commitment to ethical business practices, environmental stewardship, community engagement, and the well-being of our employees.

Career growth and learning

We believe that our most valuable asset is our people.

We recognize that fostering career growth and providing learning opportunities are crucial not only for our employees’ personal development but also for our organisation’s continued success and growth.

☆ Career growth philosophy

Every employee should be able to reach their full potential within the organization.

We understand that career aspirations differ from person to person, and we embrace this diversity. Whether you aim to become a subject matter expert in your field, take on leadership roles, or explore cross-functional areas, we are committed to helping you achieve your goals. We organise frequent learning sessions and trainings, making sure our team is up to date with the latest know-hows. 


☆ Learning budget scheme

We understand that learning is a continuous journey.

We are committed to fostering a culture of lifelong learning. Each employee receives an additional annual budget of £500 to spend on a course, training, or other learning opportunity, according to their interests. We encourage regular discussions about your learning goals, provide recommendations for courses and resources, and offer support to ensure you can maximise your budget year-round.

Diversity, equity, and inclusion

Our commitment to DEI is embodied in our company values: ‘Celebrate diversity & shine together’ and ‘Act sincerely and create strong bonds’.

We understand that a diverse and inclusive workplace is not only the right thing to do but also a powerful catalyst for innovation, creativity, and growth.

☆ Equal opportunities

Equity means providing every employee with equal opportunities to succeed, regardless of their background or circumstances.

We are committed to creating a level playing field for all our team members, ensuring everyone can access the resources and support needed to thrive.


☆ Safe work environment

Creating a safe and inclusive work environment is a top priority.

We have implemented policies and procedures to prevent discrimination and harassment, and we have established channels for reporting any concerns or incidents. We take all reports seriously and conduct thorough investigations to address any issues promptly and effectively.


☆ Employee engagement

We actively engage with our employees to understand their needs, concerns, and aspirations.

We conduct regular surveys and feedback sessions to gather insights and continuously improve our company culture.

Environmental sustainability

Our mission is to bring people together through the power of digital technology.

We recognize our responsibility to protect and preserve the environment as we work towards this goal. Environmental sustainability is not just a goal for us; it’s a fundamental part of our corporate identity.

☆ Paper-less workflow

We have adopted digital workflows for all our internal processes.

This includes electronic document management, digital signatures, and paperless communication tools. Doing so has significantly reduced our paper consumption and minimized the environmental footprint of paper production and disposal.


☆ Carbon footprint-conscious

By introducing super flexible working arrangements, we are making efforts towards reducing the carbon footprint. 

Less communing, lower energy consumption, and utilising shared co-working spaces has helped us significantly reduce the transportation emissions and energy consumption.  


☆ Supporting Local Communities

Our commitment to environmental sustainability extends beyond our digital office practices.

One of our ongoing initiatives is quarterly clothing donations. We recognize that responsible consumption and waste reduction are crucial components of sustainability, and encourage employees to participate. 

This involves collecting gently used clothing no longer needed and donating it to TRAID charity. By promoting the reuse and recycling of clothing, we contribute to reducing textile waste and conserving resources.  


☆ Aquaculture Insights Project

We partnered with Uhuru, Signify, Optoscale, and SAIC to build an Open Data Platform integrated with an end-to-end, sensor-to-cloud IoT solution for the aquaculture sector.  

Our unique solutions facilitate visualisation and transfer of critical measurement parameter data from connected devices and systems to digitise the global aquaculture industry, enabling farms to be more productive and sustainable. 

This project has received funding from the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT). 

Social impact

At SB Telecom Europe, we are driven by a powerful mission: to bring the West and Asia closer together using the power of digital technology.

While our mission focuses on connecting people and businesses across borders, we are equally committed to making a positive social impact in the communities we serve.

☆ Prioritising employee well-being

We firmly believe that the well-being of our employees is paramount.

As a testament to this commitment, we provide all our team members with comprehensive private medical insurance that includes coverage for mental health services. This ensures our employees can access quality healthcare, including mental health support when needed.


☆ Local initiatives

We actively engage with the communities in which we operate.

Our employees volunteer their time and skills to participate in community initiatives and events. Our team has volunteered at Japan Matsuri, where we promoted Japanese culture among local audiences. 

Work-life balance

Fostering a healthy work-life balance is essential for our employees’ well-being, productivity, and overall satisfaction.

The traditional 9-to-5 office model may not suit everyone’s needs or preferences. To address this, we have introduced a range of initiatives to give our employees the flexibility and freedom to manage their work and personal lives effectively.

☆ Work-from-anywhere

The ‘work-from-anywhere’ policy promotes work-life integration rather than the traditional work-life balance.

Our employees can work from anywhere for up to 1 month. By allowing employees to choose where they work, we empower them to align their work responsibilities with their personal lives, reducing stress and enhancing overall well-being.


☆ Office or Home: The Choice is Yours

Recognizing that different roles and individuals have varying needs and preferences, we offer flexible work arrangements that allow employees to choose whether they work from the office or home.

This flexibility extends to full-time and part-time employees, providing a customizable work experience.


☆ Global WeWork Access

In addition to providing flexibility in where and how employees work, we have partnered with WeWork to offer access to their global network of co-working spaces.

This partnership enables our employees to access professional workspaces in major cities worldwide, providing them with a productive and comfortable environment when they need it.

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