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How to improve your CTR for Yahoo! JAPAN Search Ads

Yahoo! JAPAN
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Here we will share Yahoo! JAPAN’s recommended methods for improving your search advertising performance. You can find the original article in Japanese here.

Yahoo! JAPAN is Japan’s no.1 web portal with 79 billion page views a month1. Furthermore, it’s Japan’s second largest search engine with 18% market share. Although it is second to Google as a search engine, Yahoo! JAPAN has more monthly digital users than Google. To learn more about the platform and our service offering, visit our Yahoo! JAPAN service page and this blog article that compares Yahoo! JAPAN and Google.

3 steps to improve your search ad click through rate

STEP 1: Use all ad display options

STEP 2: Add a “description” to quick links

STEP3: 【】 Use lenticular brackets

How to calculate click-through rate (CTR), a key indicator of campaign performance for search advertising

Click Rate (CTR) = number of clicks divided by number of ad impressions x 100

STEP 1: Use all ad display options


  • More opportunities to make the ad appealing to the user
  • Display ads that meet the search needs of various users
  • Prevent leads from going to your competition

All three ad display options must be configured

Each advertising option can be displayed simultaneously to maximise your company’s customer appeal. By increasing the visibility of your ads, they will be more visible to users thus increasing the click-through rate. Be sure to set up all the options!

Yahoo! JAPAN search ad display options

STEP2: Set up extended quick links


  • Expands the area of visibility and increases customer appeal
  • Search users are more likely to respond to what they need when there is more detail in the description
Yahoo! JAPAN search ad description

STEP3: 【】 Use lenticular brackets


  • Eye-catching for Japanese Internet users
  • Some results show a 16% increase in CTR while maintaining the same cost per click
Yahoo! JAPAN search ad lenticular brackets

We hope you found these three steps useful in optimising your Japanese PPC ads on Yahoo! JAPAN. In addition to this article, we have other Yahoo! JAPAN resources such as four tips for running successful video ads on Yahoo! JAPAN, four principles of search lift and how to effectively use video ads on Yahoo! JAPAN

Our team of bilingual PPC experts are experienced in supporting hundreds of overseas businesses successfully advertise on Yahoo! JAPAN. Contact us for information on our free support to advertisers and agencies.

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