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How To Effectively Use Video Ads On Yahoo! JAPAN - Digital Marketing For Asia

How to effectively use video ads on Yahoo! JAPAN

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Video trends in Japan

On Yahoo! JAPAN, video content is increasingly popular, and as shown in the figure below, the number of views, the number of unique browsers (UB), and the length of time spent watching video content is increasing significantly.

Video ad trend on Yahoo! JAPAN
Yahoo! JAPAN’s own survey (2017-2018); same period last year in September 2018

In addition, Yahoo! JAPAN is focusing on increasing the number of videos distributed to provide content that better matches the interests of users.

Because of this, we have more videos to analyse, and thus are starting to see some trends in the structure of videos.

The structure of video content commonly seen on Yahoo! JAPAN

There is a lot of content on Yahoo! JAPAN’s timeline. In order to get users interested in your video, it’s important to capture their attention at the beginning of the video, which we explained in our previous article (link to 4 principles of video).

In analysing the vast video content on Yahoo! JAPAN, the content that users tend to look at for a long time has a clear “what” and “how” at the beginning of the video.

Clear “what” and “how to” content at the beginning

Video ad content optimisation - detailed story composition - Yahoo! JAPAN

Conversely, the content that lacks a subtitle, displays unfamiliar words, etc. can be difficult for viewers to understand the “what” and “how” of the content.

When the “what” and “how” of the content is unclear at the beginning

Video ad creation suggestions - Yahoo! JAPAN

Users who view videos are also more likely to watch video ads

The above were trends related to regular video content, not video ads, but does this apply to video ads as well? The answer is, yes!

According to a Yahoo! JAPAN survey, they found that approximately 75% of users who watch video ads on the Yahoo! JAPAN Timeline for 10 seconds or more will also watch 1 video content* for 10 seconds or more.

*1 Video content: not advertisements, but videos such as news content from a partner media site.

Video ad views on Yahoo! JAPAN 2019
Yahoo! JAPAN’s own survey (1 September 2019 – 7 September 2019)

We could say that the recommended structure for video content is also certain to be effective for video ads.

The value of the “first five seconds”

In fact, the results show that this theory is effective for video ads as well. The average time spent on the smartphone version of Yahoo! JAPAN’s first view and timeline is about 3-5 seconds. During this time, users decide if the information is useful to them and whether they want to continue to watch it or not. Video ads with a structure that makes it easy for users to understand the “what” and “how” within the first five seconds are viewed an average of 10% longer than those that are unclear. In addition to viewing time, brand recognition and attitudinal change indicators, such as purchase intent, were also found to be high.

Yahoo! JAPAN brand lift survey - value of first 5 seconds of video ads
Yahoo! JAPAN’s own survey (May 2018 – January 2019)

The same is true for advertising recognition. Video ads with a company, brand or product name at the beginning make a difference in advertising recognition rates compared to those without because it’s easy for users to understand “what” the ad is trying to say.

Advertising awareness rate for video ads on Yahoo! JAPAN 2019
Yahoo! Japan’s own survey (April 2019)

In order to get users to watch your video and to increase the attitude change index of your video ad, it is important to clearly state the “what” of your brand and promotion at the beginning and clearly show the “how”.

You can find the original Yahoo! JAPAN article in Japanese here.

Are you ready to optimise your video ads in Japan?

In this article, we’ve explained the most effective way to run video ads on Yahoo! JAPAN is to tell the “what” and “how” at the beginning of the video. Please keep in mind the structure of your video and place the message at the beginning of your ad. We hope that you can maximise the effectiveness of your video ads on Yahoo! JAPAN.

If you are unsure of what Japanese language to display in your video ads, do not hesitate to contact the bilingual digital advertising experts at DMFA for assistance.

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