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Run PPC ads on Yahoo! JAPAN, Japan’s largest web portal

Did you know that Yahoo! JAPAN has 78 billion page views a month*? Reach a wide Japanese audience with PPC search and display ads on Japan’s largest web portal.

As part of the SoftBank family and a certified partner of Yahoo! JAPAN, DMFA provides complimentary free support to advertisers on Yahoo! JAPAN. Whether you are interested in running text, banner or video ads, our team of PPC experts will be able to support you in both English and Japanese from the creation of campaigns to their execution. Your bilingual account manager can provide benchmark reports and market insight while working with you to optimise campaigns on a regular basis.

Get Free Support as a Yahoo! JAPAN Advertiser

Complimentary Support from DMFA

As official overseas representatives of Yahoo! JAPAN – and having the same parent company, SoftBank Corp. – we are able to provide complimentary basic support for all Yahoo! JAPAN advertisers.

Yahoo! JAPAN Users

The Japanese web portal has an evenly distributed demographic of users. More impressively, it has 68% reach of all PC users with no.1 PC penetration plus 88% reach of all smartphone users in Japan*.

PC users on Yahoo! JAPAN - Digital Marketing For Asia

68% reach of all PC users*

Smartphone Users on Yahoo! JAPAN - Digital Marketing For Asia

88% reach of all smartphone users*

PPC Ad Formats

‘Pay per click’ (PPC) service means that advertisers are only charged when users click on the ad. There are two types of pay-per-click ads on Yahoo! JAPAN.

Yahoo! JAPAN Search Ads (YSA)

Sponsored Search Ads (YSA)

Search ads appear in search engine results and are based on the keywords that people use to search on Yahoo! JAPAN and its partner sites.

Yahoo! JAPAN Display Ads (YDA)

Display Ads (YDA)

Display ads are displayed to users who are interested in your products or service by using various targeting functions.

*Source: Yahoo! JAPAN Media Sheet (March 2020)

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