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How DMFA can help set up, launch and run your new LINE Japan Ads Account

What is LINE Japan?

Boasting over 95 million monthly active users, LINE is the most popular social media app in Japan. In comparison, there are 45 million MAU on Twitter, 33 million on Instagram, and 26 million on Facebook1. Beyond Japan, it is also a popular messaging app in other parts of Asia such as Taiwan and Indonesia. In total, there are about 169 million monthly active users globally. 

LINE launched in 2011 and has since grown into the super app that it is today. However, unlike other messaging apps, LINE goes beyond conventional texting and calling. It also includes a news stream, digital payment system, blog, and video on demand. It also has an advertising model, where businesses can run ads to reach their millions of Japanese users. 

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What are the benefits of advertising on LINE Japan?

LINE is a very popular platform among advertisers as well. One reason is the sheer reach and impressions– you can reach the biggest audience of any platform in Japan. It’s also a great way to reach young mobile users, as most are in their 20s. In addition, LINE consistently updates its ad platform, meaning advertisers can constantly improve their ad performance. Not only that, but ads are placed in various areas of the app, including on LINE Manga, LINE NEWS, and LINE BLOG. 

Now that you know a bit about what LINE is and why it’s so popular among advertisers, let’s move on to how we can help you set up your LINE ads account. 

Setting up your LINE Ads Account

The first step is to open a LINE Official Account. You will not be able to advertise until you have a LINE Official Account, as this will be linked to your advertising account. This can either be verified or unverified, however only businesses with a registered entity in Japan can apply for a verified account. 

In order to obtain a verified account, all businesses must go through a rigorous pre-approval background check. This process is in Japanese, but DMFA can assist you with it so you will not need to worry about communicating with LINE in Japanese. 

Once your LINE Official Account is set up, we can then link that to a LINE Ads Account. Since LINE Japan only offers overseas advertisers prepaid accounts using a Japanese credit card, it may be difficult to initially set this up if you do not have one. In this case, we at DMFA can help, as we can open up an ads account on your behalf and invoice you for any ad spend. 

If you already have an entity in Japan and a Japanese credit card, you can choose to set up your own LINE Ads Account, which we can then manage and optimise. 

Launching and Running your LINE Ads Campaigns 

Once you have your LINE Official Account and LINE Ads Account up and running, it’s time to move on to the ad campaigns. The dedicated team of LINE advertising experts at DMFA will work with you to: 

  • Define the target audience (age, gender, region, and interests)
  • Localise all campaign assets and landing pages for a Japanese audience 
  • Set targeting measures and advertising budget – choose from either Pay Per Click or Pay Per Impression
  • Embed tags to track conversions 
  • Review, optimise, and provide regular campaign reports
Courtesy of LINE for Business website

Like other social media advertising platforms, you can view impressions, CTRs, conversions, CPC, and total costs on LINE’s ads management platform. Although LINE’s platform is in English, almost all the support and resources are in Japanese. This can present a challenge for non-Japanese speakers wishing to advertise on LINE. 

However, you should not be put off as the bilingual PPC experts at DMFA are here to help you as you venture into LINE advertising. From initial set-up to campaign optimisation, we will be with you every step of the way. To get started on LINE Ads, please feel free to get in touch with our digital marketing team today. 


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