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Yahoo! JAPAN Ads - Fintech Case Study - Digital Marketing For Asia

Case Study: Global Fintech company grows revenue with Yahoo! JAPAN Search Ads

Yahoo! JAPAN
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The Japanese market poses a great opportunity for many foreign companies wanting to grow their business overseas – especially those in the tech industry. In fact, the first trade agreement signed by the UK government post-Brexit was with Japan, which favours Fintech companies. In this article, we share how one of our Fintech clients increased conversions on Yahoo! JAPAN with PPC search ads.

Yahoo! JAPAN is Japan’s no.1 web portal with 79 billion page views a month1. Furthermore, it’s Japan’s second largest search engine with 18% market share. Although it is second to Google as a search engine, Yahoo! JAPAN has more monthly digital users than Google. To learn more about the platform and our service offering, visit our Yahoo! JAPAN service page and this blog article that compares Yahoo! JAPAN and Google.

Case Study: Fintech Online Payment Services

This client is an online payment solutions provider operating in 50+ countries. They offer multi-currency accounts and both B2C and B2B users can receive and send money without high fees that banks traditionally charge for international transfers. 


They wanted to increase the number of users and increase sales.


  • Analyse Japanese keywords and search terms
  • Pause or remove strangely translated keywords
  • Conduct a competitor analysis


The account manager added keywords most likely to get conversions based on search terms and competitor analysis


When comparing pre and post campaign (June vs August), conversions doubled and CTR improved by 42%.

Yahoo! JAPAN Fintech case study - conversions - Digital Marketing For Asia

The increase in conversions can be attributed to the following two tips.

Tip #1: Analyse Japanese Keywords & Search Terms

We have mentioned this in a previous post about localisation, but simply translating your English keywords does not suffice when it comes to your Japanese PPC strategy. Digital marketers must understand how Japanese internet users search for terms online. As seen below, they tend to only search for keywords without the presence of propositions. There are also many different ways to express the same keyword. Ensure you include all of the relevant keywords in your search campaign.

Difference between Japanese and English PPC keywords - Digital Marketing For Asia

Tip #2: Analyse the Japanese competitors’ search terms

One of the benefits of working with us is our access to Yahoo! JAPAN data. Our account managers are able to analyse competitor campaigns, see which keywords are performing well, and implement those keywords to optimise our clients’ campaigns.

Competitor search terms for PPC optimisation on Yahoo! JAPAN - Digital Marketing For Asia

In summary, we were able to increase conversions for our Fintech client by improving keyword translations and adding new keywords that were discovered by analysing competitor accounts on Yahoo! JAPAN. You too can benefit from our support of your online advertising campaigns, which is completely free if ad management is done in-house or via an agency. Contact our bilingual digital marketing team today to start optimising your PPC ads in Japan.

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