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White Papers

DMFA: A Spotlight on Japanese Consumer Behaviour

Japanese consumer behaviour

  • An overview of the consumer profile including demographics, purchasing power and behaviour
  • A list of growth markets
  • Consumer trust in businesses and media
  • DMFA case studies
A Spotlight on Japanese PPC

Japanese PPC

  • Search Engines Market Share in Japan
  • An overview of the SNS platform and users in Japan
  • Yahoo! JAPAN Case Study

Social Media in Japan

  • Some facts you should know about social media in Japan
  • An overview of the SNS platform and users
  • Overview of each SNS in Japan: LINE, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok

Ecommerce in Japan

  • Ecommerce Trends in Japan
  • Top Ecommerce Marketplaces and Platforms in Japan
  • Fulfillment and Shipping Logistics in Japan
  • A Checklist for Retailers Planning to Sell Products in Japan

Case Studies

LINE Case Studies

  • Ecommerce: a way to creatively showcase products with lower budget;
  • Apps and Game: develop new entertainment culture through ever-evolving LINE platform;
  • Human resources: use LINE’s service dedicated to online job applications and reach the widest demographic;
  • Educational services: reach out to parents while promoting educational program materials for their children;
  • Finance: how LINE’s cashless services can help attracting new customers.

Yahoo! JAPAN Ads Case Studies

Yahoo! JAPAN Ads - Fintech Case Study - Digital Marketing For Asia

Yahoo! JAPAN Search Ads Case Study: Global Fintech company

B2B SaaS Yahoo! JAPAN case study - Digital Marketing For Asia

Yahoo! JAPAN Display Ads Case Study: B2B SaaS company

Case Study: eyewear brand Yahoo! JAPAN display ads conversions increase

Yahoo! JAPAN Display Ads Case Study: global eyewear brand

LINE Ads Case Studies

LINE Ads Case Study: ORBIS

Case Study: How LINE Japan advertising increased Vitabrid Japan’s customer base

LINE Ads Case Study: Vitabrid Japan

LINE Ads case study DeNA Games - Takeshi Saito | Digital Marketing For Asia

LINE Ads Case Study: DeNA Games

L'Occitane LINE Ads case study

LINE Ads Case Study: L’Occitane

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