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Japanese Social Media – Unique Culture and Features

The Japanese social media landscape has a unique culture and characteristics different from those of Western countries.

Let’s take a look at some of the most notable points.

Social media culture

In Japan, social media is called SNS, short for ‘social networking services’.

This term emphasizes the communicative aspect of sharing information through a network of friends and acquaintances. In Japan, social media users share information or enjoy content and use it to communicate with friends and family.


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The most popular SNS platforms include LINE and X (formerly Twitter). LINE has an extensive use base across all age groups. People use it not only as a messaging app but also as a platform that offers a variety of content. This includes news, videos, games, loyalty schemes, and more.


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Twitter is a popular platform among young people, especially for quickly obtaining information on news, current affairs, and entertainment.

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Privacy awareness

Japanese SNS users are quite aware of privacy.

They value personal information protection, and users carefully disclose their profile information. Therefore, when companies build trust with users, they need to consider Japanese culture, which is sensitive to privacy.

Brands must get users’ explicit permission to collect and use personal information through a social media campaign. It is also essential not to post content that may violate users’ privacy.

Image of a privacy lock

Visually oriented content

Japanese social media users love visual content. Instagram is a particularly popular platform for sharing fashion, beauty, and food trends.

This is also because Japanese culture tends to emphasize visual expression. Print materials and videos, such as catalogues, posters, television, and movies, are essential communication tools compared to Western countries.

Therefore, companies must use visual content to communicate effectively and actively on social media.

The importance of influencers

Influencer marketing has a significant impact on the Japanese social media landscape.

When well-known individuals or experts introduce products or services, their credibility and influence can increase brand awareness. Especially for young people, the opinions of trusted influencers are very important.

This is also because young Japanese people tend to use social media as a source of information and trends.

Therefore, companies must consider collaborating with influencers when planning social media marketing activities.

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Local communities

In Japan, local communities have strong ties – also online.

This is an essential point for companies to build relationships with local communities and develop local marketing strategies.

By announcing local events or campaigns on social media, brands can interact with residents. This can increase conversions, new customer acquisition, or customer loyalty improvement.


Japanese social media landscape has unique characteristics, such as SNS culture, privacy awareness, visually oriented content, influencer marketing, and community ties.

Businesses and individuals can effectively use Japanese social media by understanding these characteristics and taking a flexible and strategic approach.

Arming yourself with Japanese social media marketing experts is the best way to reach your target customers in Japan.

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