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Yahoo! JAPAN – latest updates

Yahoo! JAPAN is the largest online platform in Japan.

This article will discuss our top picks for the latest Yahoo! JAPAN updates.

Yahoo! JAPAN is much more than just a search engine, with a network of over 100 integrated services and mobile apps, such as news and weather, an e-commerce marketplace and payment solutions.

Yahoo! JAPAN is constantly improving its advertising platform and services to provide users with a seamless experience.

End of Yahoo! JAPAN Tag Manager

Date: 30th September 2023

Yahoo! JAPAN Tag Manager service will finish after considering the changes in Yahoo! JAPAN’s marketing data strategy and the current usage of a one-tag solution.

Features and services that will end are as follows:
– New Yahoo! JAPAN universal tag creation
– New site setup
– new user addon
– paid support 

It will be available until 30th June 2024. From 1st July 2024, users won’t be able to access the Yahoo! JAPAN Tag Manager tools.

Source: Yahoo! Japan updates

Invoice system changes

Date: 1st October 2023

Yahoo! JAPAN will change the monthly statements and invoices in the Campaign Management Tool to comply with the new invoice system in Japan.

Monthly statements: The new format will apply to all monthly statements, including statements before this change.

Invoices (for invoice accounts): Users will receive invoices in a new format starting October 2023.

 Yahoo! JAPAN will issue invoices using the qualified invoice storage method for each billing. Additionally, users will receive a cover page (total invoice) summarising all billing items.

Source: Yahoo! JAPAN updates

Conversion import feature

Date: ongoing

Yahoo! JAPAN will release a feature to import data on conversions tracked outside the website in the Campaign Management Tool.

The conversion import feature is available only for Yahoo! JAPAN Ads conversion tracking API. However, it will be available in the Campaign Management Tool, so account managers can easily import conversion data.

Advertisers can expect ad delivery optimisation and improvement in ad performance by capturing conversions that are counted outside the website, such as store visits or purchases at a physical store.

Source: Yahoo! JAPAN updates

New broad match feature

Date: July 2023

Yahoo! JAPAN has added the following ad delivery decision-making factors for broad match-type keywords:

– Landing page content
– Other keywords in the same ad group

This will allow users to deliver ads more accurately.

The keyword “青梅 ome” has different meanings:
1. Area name (Ome City near Tokyo)
2. Food name (plums, plum wine ingredients)

Yahoo! JAPAN can deliver ads based on the user’s search intent by analysing the landing page content, the user’s past search behaviour, and other keywords in the same ad group.

Source: Yahoo! JAPAN updates

Filter & search improvements

Date: June 2023

Yahoo! JAPAN will change the specifications for determining entered names and values using the filter and search features in the Campaign Management Tool.

This change applies to the filter feature when selecting “contains” or “does not contain” as filter conditions. Others, such as “equals,” don’t apply for the change.

– Alphabet: full-width, half-width, case-insensitive
– Numbers and symbols: full-width and half-width insensitive

 This change improves usability by eliminating the need to distinguish between full- and half-width characters, upper and lower case, etc. when using the filter and search features.

Source: Yahoo! JAPAN updates

New bid strategy

Date: June 2023

Yahoo! JAPAN has released a new ‘Enhanced CPC’ beta bid strategy.

Enhanced CPC will automatically set bids based on the bid set manually to acquire as many clicks or conversions as possible. Advertisers can expect to improve ad performance by applying to campaigns with Individual CPC.

Source: Yahoo! JAPAN updates

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