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Case Study: global eyewear brand increases conversions with Yahoo! JAPAN PPC Display Ads in Japan

Many people associate Yahoo! JAPAN with Yahoo Inc., however they are separate entities. Whereas Yahoo Inc. has been slowing in popularity in recent years, Yahoo! JAPAN is incredibly popular. In Japan, Google is the search engine King, but Yahoo! JAPAN is the no.1 web portal with 78 billion page views a month. Therefore, running Yahoo! JAPAN PPC Ads will allow businesses to reach a wider Japanese audience than with Google Ads alone. Today we will look at a client case study where we were able to help increase their conversions (CV) through Yahoo! JAPAN Display Ads (YDA).

Yahoo! JAPAN Case Study: Global Eyewear Brand

Digital Conversion & Display Ads

An internationally well-known eyewear brand had begun Yahoo! JAPAN PPC ads in 2019. Initially the company’s paid media team wanted to focus on Yahoo! JAPAN Search Ads (YSA). However, being a famous brand was not enough for them to win conversions using simple keywords alone. Due to stagnant sales from YSA, our team suggested running display ads for their 2020 spring sale. For this campaign, their point of conversion was when a user made a product purchase on their website. To much of the client’s surprise, the results were staggering as their conversions increased by 500% compared to when they were only running YSA ads.

Search (YSA) and display (YDA) ad conversions on Yahoo! JAPAN

Site Retargeting & Search Keyword Targeting

To expand further, our team focused on users who already knew the brand by using Site Retargeting and Search Keyword Targeting for YDA. Two thirds of converted users were past website visitors, and the rest are those who searched its brand name, a competitor’s brand name or generic keywords such as sunglasses in the past. As a result, we managed to maintain a fresh ad audience over the course of the spring sale.

Eyewear brand’s display ad conversions during their spring sale campaign

Strategic Audience List

Another tactic we used was a strategic audience list. We knew which type of visitors were most likely to make a purchase, therefore, bid higher for those who visited the website and placed an item in the shopping cart within the last three days.

Yahoo! JAPAN PPC bidding strategy for ecommerce

Ad Placement: PC Brand Panel on Yahoo! JAPAN

As for ad placement, one of the best performing locations was the PC Brand Panel on Yahoo! JAPAN’s homepage. This placement is famous for having a higher CVR and CTR compared to other Yahoo! JAPAN pages and inventory. To learn more about unique Yahoo! JAPAN Ads features, please refer to our Google vs Yahoo! JAPAN article.

Yahoo JAPAN! homepage brand panel ad
PC brand panel display ad placement on Yahoo! JAPAN’s homepage

In conclusion, our eyewear client successfully increased conversions and thus sales, leading to good CPA and ROAS. This exemplified the importance of running promotional campaigns on YDA, which in this case increased conversions by 500%. With such a high success rate, we will continue to recommend running display ads for future sales promotions.

Many Japanese users have become heavily dependent on Yahoo! JAPAN services, such as Yahoo! News, on a daily basis. This trend and increase in impressions have had positive effects on our ecommerce clients.
Are you ready to explore your advertising options on Yahoo! JAPAN and optimise your campaigns to get the full value of your ad spend? If you’re just starting your research into advertising in Japan, make sure to go over our beginner’s guide to the Japanese PPC market. Our team of bilingual Japanese PPC experts have the experience you need to increase brand awareness and sales in the Japanese market. Contact us to receive our free Yahoo! JAPAN Ads support.

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