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Yahoo! JAPAN new feature: Search Ads Image Assets

Yahoo! JAPAN released a brand new Image Assets feature for Search Ads.

It allows advertisers to enhance their ads with captivating images. It brings a new level of visual appeal and engagement to their campaigns.

What are Image Assets?

Image Assets are a dynamic addition to Yahoo JAPAN Search Ads.

They allow advertisers to complement their text-based ads with visually compelling images. This feature allows advertisers to convey their message more effectively, capture attention, and increase engagement.

Advertisers can run various ads with images together with the title and description. 

Source: Yahoo! JAPAN Ads

Images will be arranged in the most appealing pattern. Multiple images can appear at once.

Source: Yahoo! JAPAN Ads

How to Use Image Assets

Applying this feature on Yahoo JAPAN Search Ads is simple.

Advertisers can upload their images directly during the ad creation process. Then, they can associate them with relevant campaigns or ad groups. By seamlessly integrating images into their ads, advertisers can create more immersive and impactful advertising experiences for their audience.

Guidelines and Approval Process

Each uploaded image undergoes a review process to ensure the quality and relevance of your assets.

Advertisers should adhere to guidelines regarding image content, including restrictions on text within images and the presence of borders. By following these guidelines, advertisers can increase the likelihood of their assets being approved for publication.

Please refer to the table below for technical specifications of the image assets.

Aspect ratio1:11.91:1
Size (px)Larger than 300 x 300
Up to 10240 per side
Larger than 600×314
Up to 10240 per side
Recommended size (px)1200×12001200×628
Maximum sizeUp to 2MB *3
File formatJPEG Extensions: .jpg and .jpeg
Still GIF Extension: .gif
PNG Extension: .png
Changes during deliveryNote that there are the following specifications when image assets are posted:
·      Corners of the image may be rounded
·      There may be an outer frame and mages may be resized

Benefits of Image Assets

One key benefit of Image Assets is their ability to capture attention and drive engagement, regardless of ad ranking.

Image Assets are displayed prominently within search results and help advertisers stand out and attract clicks from their target audience.

  • Improved CTR: The amount of information and visibility of your ads will improve, and you can expect better CTR.
  • Better understanding: with images, users can understand your message at a glance.
  • Appeal options: promote your products with diverse expressions.

Want to learn more?

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Image Assets represent an exciting new opportunity for Yahoo! JAPAN Search Ads advertisers to enhance their campaigns’ visual appeal and effectiveness.

By leveraging the power of images, advertisers can create more engaging and memorable advertising experiences that resonate with their audience.

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