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Yahoo! JAPAN new feature: Ad Action Users

Yahoo! JAPAN Ads now offers a powerful tool for audience targeting: Ad action users.

This game-changing feature allows you to create audience lists based on users’ interactions with your specific ads. Did someone click on your banner ad? Watch your video ad? Convert through a call to action? Now, you can target those engaged users with even more relevant campaigns!

Here’s how it works:

  • Define the Action: Choose which ad interaction you want to track, like clicks, conversions, or video views.
  • Select the Source: You can choose to reach people who engaged with your entire campaign. Alternatively, you can target a specific ad group. You also have the option to focus on just one ad.
  • Set the Duration: Determine how long you want to keep user data in your audience list (up to 90 days).

Ad Action users explanation

Unlocking Granular Targeting:

With “Ad action users,” you can create highly targeted campaigns that reach users who have already shown interest in your product or service. This allows you to:

  • Retarget Engaged Users: Re-engage users who clicked on your ad but didn’t convert, bringing them back down the sales funnel.
  • Target Lookalike Audiences: Build audience lists similar to your existing engaged users, reaching a wider pool of potential customers.
  • Optimize Campaign Performance: Tailor your ads to users who are most likely to respond, leading to better campaign results.

Ad action users case study

User storage rules

Please ensure you follow these rules when using this feature.

ItemOptions Description Restrictions 
Ad action type video view¹ | ad clicks | conversion² Specify which actions to store for the ad 
  • Not allowed to modify after creating the list³
Ad action Data source campaign | ad group | aStores user who took the action specified in “ad action type” date for the specified elements (campaign, ad group, or ad) 
  • Not allowed to modify after creating the list³ 
  • You can’t specify campaigns, ad groups, and ads of “Item list promotion” goals.  
  • Maximum limits for each element: campaign: 1 | ad group: 50 | ad: 50
Data duration Enter number Enter the duration (in days) of the data you’ve stored in your audience list.
The default setting is 90 days. 
  • Up to 90 days 

1: If you select view video, specify the duration and the percentage of playback.
2: Conversions here refer to conversions via clicks and estimated conversions, which fall under the “Conversions” column of the report. View-through conversions are not eligible.
3: You cannot modify these items after creating the list. If you want to change, you need to create a new list.

Important Notes

  • Approval Process: To ensure responsible ad practices, Yahoo! JAPAN Ads may review your use of “Ad action users” to confirm compliance with their Advertising Data Usage Standards.
  • Minimum List Size: Your audience list needs to have at least 1,000 users to be functional.
  • Data Reflection Time: Allow a few hours for the user size of your audience list to update after creation.
  • Learn more: Download the official release note to learn more about this feature.

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