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LINE Japan Ads: analysing CTRs, impressions, reach & other metrics

Are you interested in advertising your product or service on LINE Japan and are wondering what type of metrics are available for measuring results? We will help to break down the LINE Ads platform and how you can analyse your ad campaigns for further optimisation.

LINE is Japan’s no.1 social media platform and messaging app with 95 million MAU1. It is considered the best channel for reaching Japanese consumers – specifically mobile users – as their smartphone reach is 90%. The platform offers services for businesses including LINE Official Account and LINE Ads, and foreign companies must not forget the inclusion of LINE as part of their online advertising channels in Japan.

LINE Ad Manager

Below you will see the ad management UI for LINE Ads, used by advertisers to monitor their ad performance. Whether your ads are managed internally or by an agency, this is the main screen where you can view and download your LINE advertising report.

LINE Ad Manager


LINE Ads Metrics

The ad metrics you can retrieve from LINE Ad Manager for image ads include: 

  • Impressions
  • CPC (cost per click)
  • Number of clicks
  • CTR (click through rate)
  • Total cost
  • Average cost

There are additional metrics for video ads:

  • Video views (viewed for at least 3 seconds)
  • Video views (viewed until the end)
  • Cost per complete view
  • CPM (cost per mille)

Although every LINE advertiser has access to all the above metrics on the LINE Ad Manager UI, the same data can be exported in CSV format to create customised reports.

LINE Japan Ads: analysing CTRs, impressions, reach & other metrics

In these CSV files, you can also view any advance targeting used to narrow down the audience. Advertisers can optimise the performance of campaigns by analysing each campaign’s reach, engagement, and cost. 

Looking for further guidance on LINE Japan Advertising? DMFA employs bilingual Japanese PPC experts who can manage your ad campaigns on LINE. We can also help businesses and agencies open ad accounts, which can be difficult to do without a contact at LINE, or a registered business in Japan. Contact us to get a quote on our digital marketing services.

1Source: LINE Corp. 

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