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Japanese Digital Marketing experts

Are you interested in entering the Japanese market but are discouraged when faced with language, market, and cultural barriers? At DIGITAL MARKETING FOR ASIA (DMFA), we employ bilingual digital marketing experts with extensive knowledge and experience in helping brands successfully market their business in Japan. By providing consultation based on market data and expertise, we can help bridge and connect your business to Japan.

We offer FREE ADVERTISING SUPPORT to advertisers on Yahoo! JAPAN – Japan’s largest web portal with 78 billion monthly page views*

*Source: Yahoo! JAPAN Media Sheet (March 2020)

Our process

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Since opening an account through DMFA, it’s become much easier to manage our Yahoo! JAPAN campaigns. After adding their suggested extensions to our ads, we saw great results and our revenue increased. If you want to expand your business in Japan, running Yahoo! JAPAN Ads is your key first step.…read more
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Yahoo! JAPAN ads will help businesses reach targeted and incremental Japanese audiences. DMFA’s good localised service can add value to your campaigns if you do not have a naturalised local resource for Japanese campaigns. Supportive and responsive account managers will make the process pain free!…read more

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About Us

DIGITAL MARKETING FOR ASIA (DMFA) is a digital marketing agency that specialises in Japanese online advertising, helping businesses to successfully enter the Japanese market. As a subsidiary of SoftBank Corp., we are able to use our strong network of group company partners, in various Asian markets, to enrich our online marketing services.

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Akihiro Kato

Akihiro Kato

Managing Director
Tetsuya (Ted) Uno

Tetsuya Uno

Senior Account Manager
Eri Nishikawa

Eri Nishikawa

Senior Account Manager
Asami Cooper

Asami Cooper

General Manager

Maria Arteaga

Head of Business Development
Nanako Aramaki - Head Of Marketing - SoftBank Telecom Europe

Nanako Aramaki

Head of Marketing
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