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WiggleCRC had already been running ads on Yahoo! JAPAN in order to reach a wider Japanese audience; however, all the keywords and campaigns were simply copied from our Google ads. Being based in the UK, we found it challenging to keep up with all the new releases and service updates from Yahoo! JAPAN. Knowing their search engine market share, we knew that there was an opportunity to maximise our campaign performance and optimise ad spend in the Japanese market.

Since opening an account through DMFA, it’s become much easier to manage our Yahoo! JAPAN campaigns. After adding their suggested extensions to our ads, we saw great results and our revenue increased. They provide monthly category search volumes, which has been useful for identifying seasonal trends in Japan. In addition, our account manager understands our business and, therefore, shares relevant insights and opportunities whenever there is a keyword trend. DMFA’s service will especially benefit you if you are not Japanese as most of Yahoo! JAPAN’s help pages are written in Japanese. It’s helpful that their team always responds quickly and are very friendly to work with. If you want to expand your business in Japan, running Yahoo! JAPAN Ads is your key first step.

Sachiko D’avignon – Digital Marketing Lead, EU / Asia


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