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Increase your brand’s social media presence in Japan

Reach your target audience on popular Japanese online platforms with social media marketing. Create, engage and analyse to promote your business and build brand awareness in the Japanese market.

As you may know, regular content creation for social media that is tailored to each platform is essential for increasing community engagement. This, alongside SEO and digital advertising, will help to create a comprehensive online marketing strategy for your business. In addition, social listening can help improve engagement and determine the best type of content for your audience.

Our Japanese social media experts will be able to provide a complete social media strategy for your brand that includes:

  • social media management
  • influencer marketing
  • social media ads
  • content creation
  • social listening

When putting together a social media marketing strategy, it needs to be tailored to each market. In order to do this for the Japanese market, a company must know Japan’s most popular social media networks and understand which platforms their target audience is on.

Popular Social Media Platforms in Japan

Did you know that Twitter is the most popular social networking platform in Japan? Also, LINE is the WhatsApp of Japan and is the most widely used messenger app. Contrary to Western markets, businesspeople use Facebook for networking instead of LinkedIn which is not yet widely used in Japan.

LINE is the no.1 social media and messaging app in Japan

  • 84 million users (April 2020)
  • No.1 messenger app in Japan
  • Famous for animated stickers
  • Business accounts available for running LINE ads

Twitter is Japan’s top social networking platform

  • over 36 million users (Source: eMarketer Nov 2019)
  • Twitter is Japan’s most popular social media platform
  • many anonymous users
  • demographics: teens and 20’s

Highest engagement on a social media platform in Japan

  • almost 23 million users (Nov 2019)
  • Instagram is Japan’s second most popular social networking platform
  • best for influencer marketing
  • popular among millennials and generation Z
  • highest volume of “stories” in the world

Facebook is the LinkedIn of Japan

  • just below 17 million users (Nov 2019)
  • mostly men in their 40’s and 50’s
  • younger generations are abandoning Facebook
  • mainly used for business networking
Inforgraphic social media in Japan | Digital Marketing For Asia
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