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Easy to install and get more customers

SB Payment Services(SBPS) allows you to sort out all Japanese payment operations all in one place. It also helps attract international customers, settle invoices in JPY, as well as sort our contract, systems and settlements within one interface.


In Japan, there is a wide variety of unique payment methods available to consumers.
Many people have their preferred method, and not having it available on an ecommerce website can push users to shop elsewhere.
SBPS covers all universal and native Japanese payment methods, so you can rest assured your customers’ check out experience is as smooth as possible.

What services provide by SBPS?

Online Payments

Safe and secure online checkout experience, with a variety of payment methods available at once.

In-store checkout

Payment solutions customized to your needs – from private credit card terminals to multi-payment solutions supporting e-money and QR code payments.

Carrier Billing

This is a postpaid method that allows users to purchase digital content and products through their mobile phone carrier. It is most popular among the younger population. More recently, services that combine direct carrier billing and code payments have been popping up.  These allow users to pay for products purchased at physical stores with their monthly cell phone bill using a code.


SBPS covers all major credit card providers, so you can have them all available on your ecommerce site.


SBPS is compatibile with PayPay – Japan’s largest e-wallet. Users can set up and account and use an without having a Japanese credit card, and use it on a ‘top up’ basis. It is also the most downloaded app on the Japanese Apple’s App Store, and has over 90 million registered users. Purchasing goods directly via PayPay app prevents the basket drops as there is no need to enter credit card information.

Interested in SB Payment System? Feel free to contact us!

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