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What LINE Official Account can do for you

Connect users through LINE

LINE_monthly user

Businesses and stores can use messaging and other features to communicate and build mid-to-long-term relationships with users who friend their LINE Official Account.

Drive customers to stores and official websites

LINE_Official Account

In addition to messaging, businesses can use other nifty features (e.g. having one-on-one chats, giving out coupons, distributing digital loyalty cards) to attract users to their website or physical stores.

Main Features



Businesses can send either broadcasts or targeted messages to all users who have friended their LINE Official Account.



Businesses can directly respond to inquiries from users in the same way as LINE talk. You can also set an automatic response.



Users can make free calls and video calls to LINE Official Account.

Loyalty Cards

Loyalty Cards

Businesses can make a loyalty card (e.g. stamp card or point card) and offer it to users through their Official Account.

LINE_Rich Menu

Rich Menu

This menu opens wide at the bottom of the screen when the user visits the talk screen of the LINE Official Account.



Businesses can motivate followers to use their products/services by giving out coupons to those who have friended the Official Account. Coupons can offer discounts, presents, or other special deals.

LINE_timeline Post

Timeline Post

Businesses can post information to the timeline of users who have friended their LINE Official Account.

LINE_ Analysis


Businesses can see the user’s reaction in a report.

Connect with LINE Ads

Once connecting the LINE Official Account and LINE Ads, businesses can efficiently acquire friends through additional friends ads. Also, it is possible to deliver advertisements using the data of the LINE official account.

*Verified Account Only

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