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Advertise on Japan’s most popular messaging app – LINE

With over 89 million users across Japan, LINE is the most widely used messaging app in Japan*. Promote your brand, product or service with LINE ads today!

Famous for their fun stickers, LINE is a popular mobile app used in Japan and other parts of Asia for messaging, games, manga, shopping, and the news. It has a timeline feature where users can update friends much like other social media apps. It even includes features like status updates and a built-in barcode payment system. Contact us and learn how you can reach LINE users with banner and video ads.

LINE for Businesses

There are two services that our team provide support for on the LINE platform.

LINE Ads For Businesses - Digital Marketing For Asia

LINE Official Account

A business must open a LINE Official Account to run LINE Ads. This allows brands to communicate with LINE users much like messaging friends and family.

LINE Ads Screen Shot


Reach LINE’s 89 million monthly users with LINE Ads. Available with targeting capabilities, advertise with PPC display and video ads.

*Source: LINE Corp. (June 2021)

Why choose DMFA?

  • Sharing the same parent company, SoftBank Corp., we have a special relationship with LINE and have access to benchmark reports and product updates
  • LINE advertisers need a Japanese credit card to start running ads – you can overcome this hurdle by opening an ad account through us
  • Our bilingual Japanese account managers can support your agency or marketing team with expertise in Japanese PPC
  • We work with an extensive network of partner companies as a subsidiary of SoftBank Corp.
LINE Messaging App

Ready to start advertising on Japan's most popular messaging platform?

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