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What is LINE Ads?

This service allows you to deliver ads to LINE’s 89 million* monthly users. The widespread reach enables you to pursue a variety of branding and customer acquisition opportunities with your marketing efforts.

*As of June 2021


Talk List

Where users manage their chats. (An ad banner is displayed at the very top.)



Newsfeed accessible from the News tab in the LINE app.


LINE Timeline has been reborn as the video platform LINE Voom. Users can post videos and enjoy all sorts of short-form videos.

Main Features

LINE_monthly User

Advertise through the LINE app and achieve formidable reach

Leverage LINE’s ad network—comprising the LINE app and its 89 million MAU*, as well as LINE’s family of services—to advertise on external apps.

Data-driven targeting

Utilize users’ registered information on LINE/family services, as well as their past behavior to target those more likely to take action.

Unique ad delivery that propels business growth

LINE Ads offers the Cost Per Friends (CPF) product (aimed at increasing an official account’s friends,) as well as cross-targeted ads that tap into data on users’ actions across multiple services.

How customer can see your Ads in Japan?

LINE has completely different UI depends on where you are.


Overseas LINE app is mainly to be used for “Massage App”.

In Japan

In Japan, LINE app is to be used for “Super App”.

Learn more about LINE for business or LINE Official Account.

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