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Google Ads in Japan for search and display advertising

Promote your business on Google in Japan with the help of our Japanese digital marketing expertise. Run PPC ads on Japan’s most popular search engine.

If you require assistance with creatives, we are happy to support you with copywriting, banner ad and video ad creation. Simply send us your assets and let our team of experts produce a campaign that is designed and targeted towards the Japanese audience.

Japan’s leading search engine

Google has been steadily gaining popularity in Japan with a market share of 74.5%*. With over 114.8 million unique visitors a month**, Google is the no.1 search engine in Japan.

*Source: StatCounter

PPC Ad Formats

‘Pay per click’ (PPC) service means that advertisers are only charged when users click on the ad. Our team provide support for the following two types of Google Ads.

Google Ads - Search Ads

Search Network Campaigns

Search ads appear in search engine results and are based on the keywords that people use to search on Google.

Google Ads - Display Ads

Display Network Campaigns

Display ads appear on websites and apps, typically as an image, that your targeted audience visits.

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