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LINE Yahoo Corporation – everything we know so far

As of October 1, 2023, LINE Corporation and Yahoo Japan Corporation have integrated into a single company, LY Corporation.

This article will discuss the motives behind this merger and highlight the future predictions and business opportunities it brings.

What is LY Corporation?

On October 1, 2023, LINE and Yahoo Japan corporations united as LY Corporation. Both have been operated under the Z Holdings Corp.

LINE app is Japan’s largest social media platform. It started as a simple messaging app and evolved significantly over the years. Now, with over 96 million LINE users, it is an excellent digital marketing tool in the Japanese market.

Yahoo Japan is much more than just a search engine. It offers a network of over 100 integrated services that Japanese internet users interact with daily.

LY Corporation will accompany users daily, delivering astonishment and inspiration around the clock. The company aims to “create an amazing life platform that brings the WOW! effect”.


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LY Biz Conference – the highlights

Last month, we had an opportunity to learn more about the incoming changes during a LY Biz Conference.

LINE Yahoo Biz ConferenceSource:

Connect One Concept –
coming in 2024

Connect One will integrate various customer touchpoints in one place. It puts the LINE Official Account at the centre of a super marketing platform.

Following the integration of LINE and Yahoo user accounts, there are plans to start linking the corporate accounts. This will enhance cross-service customer insights and provide the largest business platform in Japan.

An image explaining how Connect One concept will work.Source:

Connect One is also planning to merge further with PayPay, Japan’s favourite QR code payment system. By doing so, it will become a comprehensive tool for Japanese users.


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AI Prompt Manager –
in progress

A new feature that uses AI-generated responses to assist the Official Account owners in answering user inquiries.

The trial version is available from October 18th only in Japan and to select companies with LINE Official Accounts.

AI Prompt Manager image


Exposure and engagement enhancement – coming soon

By strengthening the collaboration between “LINE VOOM” and LINE Official Accounts, LY aims to support continuous connection with fans. This includes providing a more viewer-friendly environment for short video content.

LY also partnered with Adobe to support creative endeavours in business and entertainment. The collaboration involves providing a creative environment by integrating “LINE Creative Lab” and “Adobe Express”. It allows the sharing of expertise for creative development and fosters community collaboration and contests.

LINE Creative LabSource: LINE Creative Lab

New Revenue Opportunities –
coming soon

LY plans to use “Talk Room Ads” within the Official Account chat rooms. This feature allows artists and creators to benefit from ad revenue distribution.

LY also intends to enhance the “LINE VOOM” LIVE streaming feature, enabling the Official Accounts to conduct live broadcasts. Soon, LY will introduce additional features, including gifting functionality for viewers.

LINE Yahoo also aims to facilitate the “LINE Official Account Membership” subscription feature. Subscribers will receive exclusive announcements, pre-sale reservations, and information on merchandise sales, enhancing engagement with fans.

LY Sustainability Project –
in progress

This project addresses the growing interest in sustainability. Many users don’t know where to start, and companies don’t know how to communicate their efforts.

LY Sustainable Project will help businesses communicate their sustainable initiatives to users and support them in taking action.


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