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Cashless Payments in Japan

For years, Japan was primarily a cash economy. People preferred physical banknotes over cashless transactions. In fact, back in 2021 cashless payments were just 15.1% of total transactions and only rising slowly1. Comparatively, in the UK this statistic was 27%…

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5 Digital Marketing Trends In APAC For 2022

5 Digital Marketing Trends in APAC for 2022

The majority of the world’s internet users live in Asia  With over 2.5 billion internet users, which amounts to about 55% of all internet users, the Asia Pacific region boasts the highest number of internet users in the world. The…

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The Top 10 digital marketing events in APAC

Save the date! It’s now 2022, and there are many fantastic digital marketing events to look forward to. From ecommerce and marketing technology to content marketing and AI, there is a whole host of industry-focused events to choose from. Whether…

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